Service of the sender and a reliable, quality and effective forwarding is not replaceable in a logistic chain. Our company endeavours to participate in logistic processes directly within the supply-customer relationship. Quality, economic efficiency and forwarding reliability affect, in a not negligible degree, the resulting effect of the whole logistic chain, that is, a satisfied customer and cost saving.

Activities performed most often as interconnecting links::

- receipt of goods (physical check up if the goods packing is not damaged) into the consolidation and/or cross-docking centre 
- placement of the goods (physical movement of the goods to the specified places in the storehouse - centre)
- storage 
- value added services (co-packing, packing, marking, etc.) 
- removal of the goods (physical movement of the goods from the specified places on the store to the vehicle supplying the subsequent distribution, provision of
  necessary documents for each kind of goods