An important part of the transportation process is formed by the customs declaration services which include:

- making out of the common customs document (JCD)
- making out of the customs value declaration (DCH) 
- making out of the international consignment note (CMR)
- making out the accompanying certificate (EUR 1)
- making out of the ATA carnet
- making out of the TIR carnet
- representation at the customs proceeding (also at the branches of the customs office)

Release of the goods to the suggested regimes:

- free circulation regime
- direct import and export regime
- storage regime of goods in a bonded storehouse (record)
- active and passive inward processing regime (record)

Documents necessary for representation at the customs proceeding:

- power of attorney
- a copy of a transcript of the Register of Commerce and/or Trade Licence verified by notary
- a copy of a document of allocation of the tax registration number verified by notary

Notary statements must not be older than 3 months.